Congratulations to RUDN

3 February of 2020 year
SHartuni Nidal
Выпускник, 1965
Faculty of Engineering
I was honored to be among the first students who came to study at UDN in 1960.for me, the 60th anniversary of our University is of special importance. I cordially congratulate the management, employees and graduates of the RUDN on our holiday! I wish our graduates to fly around the world like swallows for hundreds of years!
3 February of 2020 year
Almas Madadear Abdul Vadud
Выпускник, 1988
Faculty of History and Philology
I heartily congratulate my native University, the rector's office, teachers, employees, graduates and students on their 60th anniversary. I wish you all success, good luck, good health and happiness! RUDN is a center for training professional personnel for the whole world. And it is also a common home where people get acquainted with the cultures of peoples, imbued with love for them. Happy anniversary, RUDN!
31 January of 2020 year
Castillo Oyola Julio Hugo Lorenzo
Выпускник, 1984
Agricultural Technology Institute
I congratulate my native Russian University of Peoples' friendship on its 60th anniversary! I am eternally grateful that my native Alma mater gave me such an excellent education through its outstanding teachers. But most importantly, she introduced me to the wonderful diversity of people and cultures around the world and taught me to appreciate and practice friendship between peoples! I wish further success to the management and teaching staff of the RUDN on this holiday and all the best!
22 December of 2019 year
Камаль Шартуни
Выпускник, 1966
Academy of Engineering
I sincerely want to say that I keep love, friendship and respect for the country where I studied and spent the best years of my youth. I wish all students and graduates good health, happiness, enthusiasm, ambitious goals, big projects, and the realization of the knowledge that was obtained at the University. Work actively for peace and cooperation with the Lebanese people! I wish RUDN to continue to hold the high title of the best University and remain among the recognized leaders in the world.