Côte d’Ivoire
Côte d’Ivoire is the second country of the African continent where the “tree of friendship” was planted within the project “Green University”.

The Weymouth pine tree (Pinus Strobus) was planted in the territory of the Cocody International University (UIC) in Abidjan. A Memorandum of cooperation in the field of science and education was signed between UIC and RUDN in April 2019. A distinctive feature of this University is that most of the working staff of the University are graduates of RUDN University.

Pinus Strobus is a tall tree (up to 20 m) with pyramidal openwork bark and bluish-green needles (up to 14 cm long) very thin and soft. These trees have a longevity of about 400 years. 

In ancient times, pine was often depicted as a symbol of long life or rebirth. In Ancient Egypt, when the cult of Serapis (God of Fertility), pine tree became its emblem. According to the legend, from its resin grew mushrooms, which Taoist Immortals ate. In Ancient Rome, pine - was the emblem of Jupiter and Venus, as a pure tree symbolizes virginity and was associated with Diana. The symbolism of pine in Western Europe is associated with rich harvest, and increase in livestock.

Relying on the symbolism of the pine tree, it was decided to plant exactly this tree.

The planted tree has become a symbol of friendship and unity of our universities and peoples of our countries.