Dear colleagues, students, graduates, partners!

The significant decision to establish our University was made 60 years ago. We have worked our way from a higher education institution which mainly trained staff for developing countries to a comprehensive research university — from Peoples’ Friendship University to RUDN University, the scientific and educational centre which is well-known and recognized in Russian and world rankings.

Today the University brings together students from 158 countries, and the number of RUDN University alumni increases by 5-6 thousand year by year — our graduates work in almost all countries.

In 2020, RUDN University alumni are to hold events devoted to the RUDN University anniversary in dozens of countries of the world. The website devoted to the 60th anniversary of RUDN University presents the projects related to this event.

Each of you can Сreate Your Own Photo Album in real time and share your vivid memories. The Congratulate RUDN University — section provides an opportunity for everyone to send your kind regards to your Alma Mater, its teaching staff and employees, University veterans. RUDN University Guide invites to make a journey around the world. The Special Project section is devoted to our first alumni, teaching staff and employees — they will tell you about the Peoples’ Friendship University formation.

RUDN University and its alumni are planting Trees of Friendship in many countries to commemorate its anniversary. Join us! The detailed information on the project is in the Green University section.

We are still young, up-and-coming and individual — our University is really the only one. RUDN University is more than just a degree you obtain, more than research, more than collaborations, more than creative environment. RUDN University generation is beyond standards, we create our own history — history of a university of the new type — UNIVERSITY 6.0.

We are different, we are equal, we are leaders!

Rector of RUDN University
Member of the Russian Academy of Education
V.M. Filippov

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